Boulder Trail Runners

  1. BTR is simply a group of people who organize runs so others can join in the fun!

a. BTR does not organize "official" runs or events. We do not accept money in any form.

2. MAIN communication venue is by email. All runs are announced at least 24 hours in advance via email to the group -

a. To join the group, go to

3. Organized runs should appear on the Calendar also, but the email list will be the most accurate just in case of any technical issues -

a. Subscribe by clicking on the + GoogleCalendar icon, at the bottom right corner of the Calendar page

4. Other email lists

a. If you are interested in volunteering to be a run organizer, or have suggestions for a run, email This email list includes roughly every BTR run leader in the past year or so.

b. Monday Mellow Run Leaders can be emailed at & organizer planning can be found at

c. BTR Social - after you join us on several runs, we can happily add you to this group ( to subscribe email )

d. BTR Trail Access Group - - we talk about old trails, new trails, access to trails ( to subscribe please email )

e. BTR has some "Technical Advisory Managers" that approve people on the list and stop people from spamming, selling stuff, sending non-run related messages. If you have any issues joining the group, you can email them at

f. There is an old BTR Yahoo group , if you wanna search for old messages. But if the question is so old, just ask it again on the BTR Google group

5. Social Media

a. Anybody can upload old or new pics here

b. Runs leaders can upload pics here to go LIVE on the website

c. Facebook - yes we are technologically advanced :-)

d. Strava - because if it is not on Strava it did not happen ....

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