Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is skilled treatment that helps individuals achieve independence in all facets of their lives. The goal is to assist people in attaining the “skills for the job of living” necessary for independent and satisfying lives in all environments of home, school, work, or play.

Services Typically Include:

  • Customized treatment programs to improve and individual's ability to perform daily activities
  • Comprehensive home and job site evaluations with adaptation recommendations
  • Performance skills assessments and treatment
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations and usage training
  • Guidance to family members and caregivers

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is meant to promote proper movement and function for those individuals with disabilities and/or injuries. Treatments focus on improving gross motor skills, balance and coordination, and strength and endurance. Physical therapists examine individuals and develop a plan of care to encourage function, decrease pain, and prevent disability.

Individuals who can benefit

Anyone who suffers from orthopedic, neurological, cardiopulmonary, and developmental disabilities.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists work one on one with clients to help overcome oral motor deficits, begin patterned speech, and develop goals and objectives to facilitate lifelong communications.


Hippotherapy literally means "treatment with a horse". Hippotherapy integrates equine movement into a physical treatment plan for a broad range of individuals with special needs. With the assistance of a therapist, a horse leader, the client is positioned on a horse and actively responds to its movements.

Individuals who can benefit

Anyone with neurological impairments leading to other limitations such as, but not limited to:

  • Weak postural and core Musculature
  • Righting and equilibrium reaction
  • Respiration and circulation
  • Body and spatial awareness
  • Attention
  • Language processing

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is utilized to improve function through the application of aquatic therapeutic exercises. With the help of water an individual can undergo weight-bearing and resistance in a controlled manner and increase body awareness through exercise and functional tasks. Water also allows for buoyancy, assisting with movement and can prevent and retard muscle wasting and contractures.

Our Pool is on Site!

We boast a spacious outdoor salt water pool, free of chemicals and irritants. To promote circulation and relaxation our pool is heated to a comfortable 90° F.


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