Join us for the

2023 Cliff Notes Writing Workshop

September 28th - October 1st


Registration will be open on the REGISTER Page soon

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

David Lee

Craig Childs

  • Readings

  • Discussions

  • Writing Instruction

  • Homework Sharing - 2023 Dave’s assignment: “Make It New”

A. Pick out a day of the year. Could be a holiday, oldest – the solstice holidays, important days, new way of looking at it.

B. Pick out a time of day or night. Write about it in a way no one else has done. See it, examine it discuss it


1. Keep audience in mind, not yourself. Pick the audience, give them something they need. Why this audience?

2. Purpose and keep tight focus. Keep that purpose.

3. Focus on imagery – the senses. Sensory poem.

4. Figurative language – metaphor and similes


1. Try no state of being verbs

2. Write without a singular personal pronoun – no I’s.

3. Play with form - fixed stanzas, Do something different with the form. Don’t do this the way you’ve done it before.

Each participant has 2-3 minutes to share.

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