BCHS Lady Eagles- 2017 Nevada 3A State Champions

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End of 2017 Re-cap

Lady Eagles defeated Moapa Valley in the State Championship 3-2 for the 3A title after defeating Truckee 3-2 in the semi-finals. It's been 29 years since BCHS has won a state volleyball title. The Lady Eagles also defeated Moapa for the 3A Divisional title 3-1.

Post Season Individual Honors include- 3A State Player of the Year-Maggie Roe, 3A Coach of the Year- Cherise Hinman, 3A 1st Team All State- Kamry Bailey; 3A Division Player of the Year-Maggie Roe, 1st Team 3A Division- Kamry Bailey, 2nd Team 2A Division- Jerra Hinson, 3A Sunrise Co-Player of the Year- Maggie Roe, 1st Team All Sunrise- Kamry Bailey, Jerra Hinson, 2nd Team All Sunrise- Ava Wright.

Congrats to Maggie Roe for being named Max Preps Player of the Week for state of Nevada for Week 14 & Week 3

Congrats to Maggie Roe for being named AVCA All American Honorable Mention

Lady Eagles 2017

Kamry Bailey, Ellie Ramsey, Ashleigh Wood, Jerra Hinson, Hannah Miller, Maggie Roe, Setia Cox, Reagan Herr, Maddie Wood, Ava Wright

Head Coach Cherise Hinman, Asst Coach Kurt Bailey

Managers Bailey Gossard and Dylan Leasure

Lady Eagles 2016

Amy Finn, Jules Worral, Maggie Roe, Jerra Hinson, Cortney Blumenthal, Ju Green, Head Coach Cherise Hinman, Asst. Coach Kurt Bailey, Kenadee Bailey, Ellie Ramsey, Jordan Moorhead, Ashleigh Wood, Hannah Miller, DJ Reese, Alea Lehr, Lexi Bringle, Tori Spinkelink

Lady Eagles 2015

Maggie Roe, Velzani Moncayo, Jaden Wood, Tarah Cox, Hunter Spragno, Bayden Huxford, Alea Lehr, Justine Ward, Emma Jeppsen, Cortney Blumenthal, Jules Worral, Valentina Rolleri Head Coach Cherise Hinman, Asst. Coach Rachelle Huxford,

Lady Eagles BC Invite Champions 2014 and 2014 Conference Champions

Pic Right- Jaden Wood, Velzani Moncayo, Head Coach Cherise Hinman, Lauren Pocius, Samantha Hanson, Kinsey Smyth, Asst Coach Rachelle Huxford, Maggie Roe, Aubri Spragno, Bayden Huxford, Alyssa Ybarra, Tarah Cox, Aubry Jorgensen, Emma Jeppsen, Alea Lehr

Lady Eagles 2013

Asst. Coach Rachelle Huxford, Kinsey Smyth, Kaylin Kolteryahn, Tarah Cox, Katlyn Dailey, Alyssa Ybarra, Head Coach Cherise Hinman, Mikaela Brown, Jaden Wood, Kendall Miller, Lauren Pocius, Whitney Barlow, Bianca, Savannah Morris,

Lady Eagles 2012

Asst. Coach Rachelle Huxford, Kendall Miller, Mikaela Brown, Whitney Barlow, Mallory Bird, Savannah Morris, Avalon Frantz, Head Coach Cherise Roe, Eliza Jeppsen, Katlyn Kolteryahn, Kinsey Smyth, Lexi Hall

2011 Lady Eagles, 2011 3A Division Champions, 2011 3A State Runner-Up

Right Pic-Head Coach Cherise Roe, Alexa Lister, Kattie Robbins, Whitney Barlow, Avalon Frantz, Mallory Bird, Paige Robbins, Midori Molina, Asst. Coach Rachelle Huxford, Eliza Jeppsen, Lexi Hall, Ali Rants, Katlyn Kolteryahn

2010 Lady Eagles

Coach Cherise Roe, Mikaela Dailey, Zoe Dodd, Emily Boyster, Mallory Bird, Whitney Barlow, Dallas Frantz, Asst. Coach Kurt Bailey, Ali Rants, Avalon Frantz, Lexi Hall, Kayla Nix

2009 Lady Eagles

Taylor Mckeever, Avalon Frantz, Lexi Jorgenson, Karlee Koopman, Emily Boyster, Dallas Frantz, Kayla Nix, Alexis Cota, Ali Rants, Hannah Inman, Paxton Fleming, Malorie Morrill, Kelsey Ripplinger

2010 3A Division Champions

Head Coach Cherise Roe, Mallory Bird, Whitney Barlow, Mikaela Dailey, Zoe Dodd, Asst. Coach Kurt Bailey, Lexi Hall, Eliza Jeppsen, Dallas Frantz, Emily Boyster, Kayla Nix, Ali Rants, Avalon Frantz

2009 3A Division Champions

Coach Cherise Roe, Ali Rants, Taylor McKeever, Emily Boyster, Karlee Koopman, Dallas Frantz, Coach Kurt Bailey, Alexas Cota, Kelsey Ripplinger, Malorie Morrill, Paxton Fleming, Avalon Frantz, Lexi Jorgenson, Hannah Inman, Kayla Nix.

2008 Lady Eagles (Picture Coming Soon)

Malorie Morrill, Dallas Frantz, Michelle Coe, Ali Rants, Paxton Fleming, Kelsey Rippinger, Hannah Inman, Julia Jeppsen, Alexas Cota, Lexi Jorgensen, Dylan Scott, Emily Boyster, Taylor McKeever, Ariell O'Neill

2007 Lady Eagles

Asst. Coach Lindsey Stevens, Tricia Sullivan, Kaylin Jacoby,, Caiti Forrester, Julia Jeppsen, Bridgette Cota, Head Coach Cherise Roe, Hannah Inman, Kristi DeVita, Kelsey Ripplinger, Paxton Flemming, Malorie Morril, Lexi Jorgensen,

2006 Lady Eagles

Kim Knapp, Katie Palmer, Bridgette Cota, Kaylin Jacoby, Caiti Forrester, Chelsea Stemmer, Blake Barletta, , Tricia Sullivan, Lauren Jacoby, Sam Mackley,

2005 Lady Eagles (Picture Coming Soon)

Tricia Sullivan, Lauren Jacoby, Caitlin Forrester, Tori Forrester, Brittany Roundtree, Shelly Edelstein, Lauren Eudy, Taylor Inman, , Kim Knapp, Sam Mackley, Chelsea Stemmer, Bridgette Cota, ,

2004 Lady Eagles

Ashley Cockrum, Asst. Coach Gayla Sweeny, Starr Ward, Tori Forrester, Sara Ford, Mindy McWhorter, Head Coach Cherise Roe, Lauren Jacoby, Samantha Mackley, Brittany Roundtree, Kim Knapp

2003 Lady Eagles

Jessica Milicic, Head Coach Cherise Roe, Sara Ford, Amy Scheimer, Sarah Piel, Claire Schreiner, Debra McAnlis, Kelly Wells, Dena Houser,

2002 Lady Eagles

Coach Cherise Roe Sarah Piel, Lindsay Stevens, Jessica Milicic, Stacey Stenton, Sam McGrandy, Coach "Spike" Cody, Dena Houser, Maren Ripplinger, Erin Coppola, Tiffany Graff, Debra McAnlis

2001 Lady Eagles

Maren Ripplinger, Debra McAnlis, Darla Houser, Sarah Piel, Sam McGrandy, Stefanie Wells, Lauren Dunsmore, Lindsay Stevens, Stacey Stenton.

2000 Lady Eagles Darla Houser, Shannon Milicic, Alicia Pruyt, Roxanne Werly, Lauren Dunsmore, Lindsay Stevens, Stephanie Wells, Maren Ripplinger, Lindsay Ripplinger