Boulder Active Paths

We are going to be  presenting at the planning commission on May 9 and at the Town  Council meeting on June 6.

Should We Use Boulder Town’s grant from UDOT?

Boulder Town received a grant of up to $683,000, requiring a ~6.8% matching funds ($46,239) from Boulder Town’s Road Fund for a 8’ wide concrete “All-Users” pedestrian path.  For a variety of reasons, the original proposal has not been embraced by the entire Boulder Community, so we have have come up with alternatives that meet the following criteria that are said to apply to our UDOT grant:

Please see the 5 UDOT alternatives below

UDOT Alternative 1 – Boulder Elementary to Anasazi State Park via Hwy 12.

Alternative 2Proposal receiving grant

Alternative 3 – East side of Highway 12 from 300 N to the Burr Trail corner, crossing several business driveways.

Alternative 4 – East side of Highway 12 on north, crossing to the west side Highway 12 and continuing to opposite the Burr Trail corner.  Phase 1 of a path leading all the way to Hills and Hollows along the north and west side of Highway 12.

UDOT Alternative 5 – 300N from Boulder Elementary School to Highway 12 then south along Hwy 12 to the south entrance of Boulder Town Park