Bouchard Lab

Research Topics

  • Operando methods in catalysis

  • Molecular kinetics and diffusion

  • Medical imaging (MRI), contrast agent development

  • NMR spectroscopy

  • Therapeutics and biomaterials

  • Machine learning

  • Condensed matter

  • Tissue engineering, Immuno-Engineering

  • Quantum control, sensing, simulation and computing

What we've done

Our group has developed the first NMR methods to probe surface states in topological insulators, the first catalysts that yield over 12% long-lived nuclear-spin polarization of 15N in biomolecules in a biocompatible environment for MRI, the first operando NMR readouts of temperature in catalytic reactors, the first multichannel bioreactor for growth of thick engineered tissues in 3D, as well as key algorithms for machine learning. Click on the RESEARCH tab for more information. See also our PUBLICATIONS.