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Botox as an Anti Ageing Treatment In Sydney Clinics

Years ago, Botox was considered to be one of the most extreme methods of anti ageing treatment available. This was mainly due to the rates of reaction that people had when injected with the chemicals. Fortunately, with the advance of technology, Botox procedures are now considered highly safe and have grown in popularity over the last half-decade or so. Nowadays, people from all walks of life undergo these types of procedures taught in the top beauty schools with the aim of reversing the effects of ageing on their skin, resulting in a younger, fresher appearance.

What Is Botox?

So what exactly is Botox and how does it work? Well Botox, otherwise known as botulinum toxin, is a specific type of bacteria that resides within the fatty cells of plants and animals. In extreme doses, this chemical formula can be quite toxic, but when used in small doses, it can have an anti-ageing effect on the skin as it visually fills wrinkles, laughter lines and signs of ageing in general.

Although the effects of Botox will eventually wear off, it's considered one of the most effective treatments to defy the effects of ageing on the skin and is particularly popular amongst celebrities and the rich and famous. The unique compound is ideal for actively reducing the appearance of average to severe wrinkles and lines between and around the eyebrows, providing a much plumper appearance overall.

What Results Can You Get From Using Botox?

As the results may vary, it's typically accepted that the use of Botox can last for anywhere up to four months before needing replenishing. During this time, your wrinkles and frown lines will gradually reappear from the date of first injection to the date of your second session. After the second session, your wrinkles will be reset to as they were originally, meaning that people can maintain a youthful appearance for as long as they like.

Is Botox Regulated?

Nowadays, people can enjoy an FDA approved formula of Botox that actively reduces the appearance of their wrinkles and age lines, without having to jeopardize their health in the process. In fact, Botox has become so popular that there are now countless millions of people that have either undertaken the procedure, or plan to in the future. The industry itself is currently worth almost $2 billion USD and is set to double by 2018. So how can the results of Botox actually affect you?

Well that depends on how severe your wrinkles are in the first place. If you are suffering with moderate wrinkles and laughter lines, opting for Botox treatment will help to fill and plump those layers from the inside, meaning that they'll disappear from view on the outside. If your wrinkles are extremely severe and set in to your skin, then Botox can still help. Although it may not entirely remove the appearance of your wrinkles, it will drastically reduce them and leave you with a face that feels smooth and youthful.

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