2019 Speakers & Workshops

May 4, 2019 at the Elmira Grange, 88764 Sprague Rd., Elmira, OR

11am - 12pm Part 1: Class, Thyme Tent

12am - 1pm Part 2: Workshop , Thyme Tent

Nicki Neilson, Lovelight Herb Farm

Part 1: Learn the basic language, processes, and definitions of herbalism to get you started. What is an electuary? How do you make a tincture, oxymel, infusion? What does a galactagogue do? Bring your questions and we'll find the answers together!

Part 2: Play time! We'll get our hands into the remedies and make some fun projects. Bring several small jars/bottles (2-4oz) to take home your treats!

2:30pm - 4:30pm, Thyme Tent

Daphne Singingtree, Eagletree Herbs

Workshop will include types of situations that may constitute emergencies from major to minor, and herbs and plants to have on hand to address possible problems. Herbal first aid, herbs and plants for food growing around you, herbs for stress, sleep, and some health conditions that may arise in resource limited or disaster situation.

Daphne Singingtree has been using plants for medicine for over 45 years, the owner of Eagletree Herbs, retired midwife and the author of numerous midwifery publications. She has a small urban homestead in North Eugene and is always working on preparedness.

12pm - 1pm, Pennyroyal Stage

Jason Scott, Mycologist and Founder/Owner, Feral Fungi

Oft hard to find, hidden in the darkness of the forest, medicinal mushrooms usually are overlooked. This is a huge mistake. For their almost limitless potential in medicine, they are matched by no other. In this class we will dive into the mystery that is medicinal mushrooms, from a broad perspective in looking at similar constituents and how they work throughout the mushroom kingdom (queendom) to some more specific mushrooms that should not be overlooked.

Jeff Johnson, Portland Ashwagandha Farm

2:30pm - 3:30pm, Pennyroyal Stage

11am - 12pm, Calamus Tent

Randi Embree, Elder Spirit Herbals

Learn about the importance of sialogogue herbs and other natural helps to maintain and repair teeth and bones. Tips and tricks, herbs to taste and more!

John Goforth, The Stone Cipher

12pm - 1pm, Calamus Tent

1pm - 3pm, Calamus Tent

Heather Shelton, RN

Registered nurse and herbalist, Heather Shelton, will be sharing an in-depth presentation on the history of cannabis prohibition, the health benefits of cannabis for prevention and treatment and its relationship with our endocannabinoid system in targeting different conditions. She will discuss the main cannabinoids as well the different delivery methods available. Heather is a member of the American Cannabis Nurse Association and is committed to helping others reach their health goals.

3pm - 4pm, Calamus Tent

Jason Scott, Mycologist and Founder/Owner, Feral Fungi

Spagyric medicines are a potent extraction method developed through the tradition of Hermetic Alchemy. Through working with plants in the Spagyric method one not only is able to create more efficacious medicines, but draws themselves nearer to understanding the plants that they are working with, as well as themselves. Working with the elements we will learn together in how to create unique medicines, and potentiate the medicines we already make.

4pm - 5pm, Calamus Tent

with Sue Sierralupe