Bo Sun

Undergraduate student,

School of Physics, Peking University


C.V. Github Projects Physics

Research Interests:

  • 3D Computer Vision
  • Network Robustness
  • Representation Learning
  • Auto-reasoning
  • Robotics

Short Bio

I'm currently a senior student majoring in physics at Peking University(PKU).

Now I do research on theoretical analysis of model robustness with Professor Zhanxing Zhu at PKU. In the past summer, I had a wonderful research experience with Professor Hao Su in UCSD, exploring defending against adversarial examples. Before that, I spent 5 months on studying 3D object reconstruction and scene understanding with Dr.Jinglu Wang at Microsoft Research Asia(MSRA).


Bo Sun, Nian-hsuan Tsai, Fangchen Liu, Ronald Yu and Hao Su.

Adversarial Defense by Stratiļ¬ed Convolutional Sparse Coding.

In CVPR 2019 (pdf).

Jinglu Wang, Bo Sun and Yan Lu.

MVPNet: Multi-View Point Regression Networks for 3D Object Reconstruction from A Single Image.

In AAAI 2019 (Oral) (pdf).


B.S. in physics, Peking University, 2015.9-2019.7


  • Deep Learning Lab of Peking University, Research Intern, Advisor: Zhanxing Zhu, Oct. 2018-present
  • UCSD CSE Department, Research Intern, Advisor: Hao Su, Jul. 2018-Sept. 2018.
  • Microsoft Research Asia, Research Intern, Advisor: Jinglu Wang, Jan. 2018-May 2018.
  • Institute of Modern Optics of Peking University, Research Intern, Advisor: Qiongyi He, Mar.2017-Jul.2017.