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The Boro Water Kidz Klub!

Sign Up for the Boro Water Kidz Klub and engage in fun learning activities in the Blue Waters Video Gallery or exciting readings in the MWRDCA Storytellers Journal to gain Klub Points towards your Kidz Klub Rewards!

How Do I Get Points With My Kidz Klub Membership?

Every time you complete a summary in the MWRDCA Storytellers Journal or an exercise in Blue Water's Video Gallery, you will automatically receive 4 Kidz Klub Points!

Each tier level will be recognized as a Blue Waters Kidz Klub Member and receive invitations to special events, newsletters, and MWRD Community Affairs Calendar Events.

If you have a certain amount of Kidz Klub Points at the end of each calendar year, MWRDCA will send you a special reward!

The Kidz Klub Point System

An OUNCE of Kidz Klub Points = 1 Completed Activity

A CUP of Kidz Klub Points = 2 Completed Activities

A PINT of Kidz Klub Points = 4 Completed Activities

A QUART of Kidz Klub Points = 8 Completed Activities

A GALLON of Kidz Klub Points = 16 Completed Activities