Digitized Slides

Tray 1 1979 Family summer

Tray 2 1981 Dunes Isabelle 14er Col St Fair ColSpr Medi Fair Eric

Tray 3 1981

Tray 4 1981 - 1984 ColSpr Scouts Sadie Glenwood Spr Halloween Swimming Chaco School Mtns

Tray 5 1984 Ruegg Boreas Isabelle Holy Cross

Tray 1984a Belgium Germany Switz France

Tray 1984b France England

Tray 6 1985 Ruegg Flagstaff Colo trip Seattle Opal 70

Tray 7a 1985-1986 Grand Lk Chimayo James born Isabelle

Tray 7b 1986 1988 Ocean Shores Isabelle Mexico Seattle RB Reunion Julie Kathy Corrina

Tray 7b 1986 by iPhone Plus

Tray 9 1989 Europe Switzerland to Sweden dupliactes and out of order

1989 Europe missing some

1989 Europe Slides missing some