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Book Club Share!

If you work in a school or library, you know the problem with book clubs: Sooner or later, you have piles of a title that are no longer getting used. Wouldn't it be great if you could put those titles to use?

Well, why not share them?

Check out the "Get Books" page. There, you'll find the spreadsheet that lets you see what people have available. If you see something that appeals to you, contact the share-er and arrange a way to get their materials to your location.

And be a giver! Over on the "Give Books" page, you can post the titles you are willing to part with to help readers in another locale!

This site is meant to facilitate sharing of book club materials by giving schools and libraries a place to list what they have. It's up to the interested parties to figure out how to get the items from their starting point to an ending point. Maybe that means a drive across town; maybe that means paying someone for some shipping.

It's totally up to you!