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Check out what others are offering to share!

Check out the spreadsheet below to see what people have available. The scroll bar at the bottom of the sheet's pane lets you see other information about what's available, and from where.

The sheet is sorted alphabetically by state and city for easy geographic reference.

If someone makes arrangements with you to take a title off your hands, please be sure to contact us at so we can remove that title from the "Get Books" list.

Handy Tools

If you want to look for something particular, you can use Ctrl-F (Cmd-F on Apple) to open a "Find" box on this web page and search to your heart's content.

You can also click the "pop out" button (floating at the upper-right of the sheet pane below) to view the spreadsheet, which will allow you to sort by any column. (Requires a Google sign-in on Firefox.)

NEW! Check out the map below the spreadsheet to see where shared books are located!

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