Bogdan Ghit

I'm a computer scientist and software engineer at Databricks, where I work on making big data processing fast and reliable as part of the Spark SQL Performance team. Prior to joining Databricks I was a PhD student at Delft University of Technology, where I was advised by Dick Epema. I received my PhD in computer science after defending my thesis entitled "Optimizing the Performance of Data Analytics Frameworks".

In my research I designed several scheduling system that optimize the the operation and the performance of large-scale data processing systems. I seek to make big data processing in the cloud a commodity by solving complex problems with simple and intuitive solutions that are widely applicable.


1. Spot Markets

2. Datacenter Scheduling

3. Random Query Generation

Invited Talks

Selected Publications

For the full list of my publications visit my Google Scholar profile.

Chair: IEEE ICAC 2019 (poster and demo)

PC Member: IEEE CCGrid 2019, ISPDC 2017

Reviewer: IEEE TPDS, Elsevier PEVA, Trans. on Cloud Computing, Cluster Computing