Vinegars and Sweet Cider


An assortment of vinegars are produced at the farm including:

Boates Farm remains the only producer of apple cider vinegar in Atlantic Canada. It is filtered and pasteurized to produce top quality vinegars with 5% acetic acid. Apple cider vinegar is a traditional, healthful product and can be used in any recipe calling for vinegar.

Our organic apple cider vinegar is unpasteurized and contains the natural mother of vinegar.

The blueberry  vinegar is made from local berries. The perry vinegar is certified organic and made from our own organically grown pears.

Sweet Cider

Sweet cider is made fresh every week right at the farm from September to May. It is pressed from sound, ripe apples blended for optimum flavour, pasteurized and contains no preservatives or additives. Three kinds of sweet cider are produced depending on fruit availability – sweet cider, organic sweet cider and organic apple/pear. The cider is UV pasteurized which gives a slightly extended shelf life. Optimum sweetness lasts for about 10 days past the bottling date. After this point, the cider will start to naturally ferment which just changes the flavour as the natural sugar turns to alcohol.

Sweet cider is available year round frozen and fresh during the fall and winter months at the farm.