Repair and Refurbishing

The combination of my years as a musician as well as my love for craftsmanship have made me a much sought after refurbisher and repairer of stringed instruments.

I specialize in the repair and refurbishing of violins, violas and cellos in the tradition of old - world craftsmen. Beginners as well as professionals are encouraged to have a free evaluation and estimate at their convenience.

Bow Rehairing

Individualized, custom attention is given to the fine art of rehairing your bow. Only the finest and most apprioate materials are used in the process. And special attention is given to the working professional in need of immedate service.


I specialize in the sale of all levels of stringed instruments - wheter you are a future musician looking for your first instrument, a student, serious amateur, or professional looking to upgrade to the next level of instrument. I am interested in and have sold seasoned instruments as well as those crafted with contemporary materials.