Inhouse Masterminds for your leaders & staff

15 years of training & coaching experience, any level, any company size, the feedback has always been the same:

"New learnings, new knowledge and new ways are powerful and necessary. Having the opportunity of exchange with collegues at the same level especially in a profesionally moderated frame was one of the best things throughout our days together."

Do you experience ineffective meetings that have very little exchange, run too long and produce few benefits?

The highest potential which is within your company is not being accessed. We catalyze this potential, filter essences & make it implementable.

BN-Forum moderates are unbiased and professional.

We create an environment of trust that brings forth topics you'll never know about instead. Every level of your company benefits.

Development, higher effectiveness and efficiency, more time and improved staff retention are only a few hand selected benefits BN-Forum Masterminds can generate for you.

Education of your inhouse Business Moderators

Use our expertise and start our consulted Inhouse Business Moderator Programm in your company. We educate your Inhouse Business Moderators.

We are happy to welcome your candidates in our assessment and run through one of our open educations.

Alternatively we are happy to educate your Inhouse Business Moderators through our BN-Forum Educational Programm directly in your company. We support your assessment process and lead your candidates to success in our multi-level program.

Request our educational schedule or contact us for your individual offer designed to meet your needs.

Our educational programs are available in German and English. They are designed for leaders and future meeting moderators.

We look forward to installing our business model into your company and guide you to success with our Inhouse program.