Resource Pack

Blueprint Resource Pack

Our resource pack is designed to balance realism and creativity in a way that gives you limitless potential in city building. Every element is designed to allow you to build your dream city. If you want to help with development of the resource pack, then join our Discord server.

Credit to The Realism Society for providing an excellent base for this pack.

Blueprint 1.5 HD

File Size: ~50 MB

Blueprint 1.3 Lite (Blueprint 1.5 Lite will be uploaded soon)

File Size: ~10 MB

Fair Usage Agreement

If you want to use this in singleplayer, then you can. Feel free to modify it for singleplayer usage, as long as you do not share the resource pack/claim it as your own.

If you want to use this resource pack on your server, then you can link to this download page and give us credit for it. If you wish to modify it and redistribute it on your server, then get in contact with one of the Directors on the Discord.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Font Packs

Don't like the Blueprint Pack's default font? No problem, download a font pack and put it on top of the Blueprint resource pack in your resource pack menu.

We hold no rights to these fonts; we only provide them for people who prefer the fonts from other resource packs.

TRS Font Pack

Faithful Font Pack