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BlockFi Credit Card- The first-ever card to offer rewards in crypto

The BlockFi credit card features a whole lot of great services for cardholders along with providing them a great opportunity to earn rewards in the form of crypto. To have a deeper understanding of how this card works, please go ahead with finding the relevant topic below or read through the complete article to get started.

So, before we go into technicalities and tell you how to start using it, we want you to know a little about this credit card and how it works.

Well, the BlockFi Rewards Visa® Signature Card is a card that could change your whole perspective and user experience of how a regular credit card works. This card is supposed to give you great offers on every purchase that you make through using it. So, here is the list of top features that you'll get with this card.

What are the BlockFi credit card requirements?

Before you apply for the card just out of the blue, make sure that you are familiar with its pre-requirements. Only after you fulfill those requirements, you will be able to apply for the card. To make sure that you are eligible, you first need to check your credit score which has to be 680 or above. If you do not have this credit score, then you will not be able to apply for the card. Even if you apply, the issuing authority may not approve of your application. Also, one needs to make sure that he has not violated any terms set by BlockFi.

The steps to apply for a BlockFi credit card

If you think you are an eligible member for the BlockFi credit card apply, then you can follow these steps to apply for the card:

If you have been provided with the BlockFi credit card pre-approval service, there is no doubt that you will not receive the card.

The BlockFi credit card login process

If you are lucky enough to have received your CoinSpot Credit card, then you can follow these steps to sign in to your card account and check whatever details you wish to:

How to make a BlockFi credit card payment?

If you have some payment due from your credit card, then you can make the payment directly by following these steps:

How to contact BlockFi credit card customer service?

You can either go to the website and choose one of the given topics so that you can finally find answers to your queries. In case the given topic is not able to help you in any manner, then you can directly call on the given phone number to seek immediate assistance. Else, you can also get answers to your queries through the BlockFi credit card Reddit page.

In which countries does BlockFi credit card work?

In case you are wondering if the credit card offered by BlockFi is available in your country or not, then you should definitely check the list of BlockFi credit card countries. Well, all the eligible residents of the United States will be able to apply for the card and they can use this card in all those countries where a Visa Credit card is accepted. To get started with the card, you can download the BlockFi app via the https app BlockFi com credit card and then apply for the card by following some easy steps.

A glance at the BlockFi credit card limit

During the initial launch of this credit card, the limit was set to $10,000. But, as time passed by and the company increased its revenues, the card limit has been increased. The new card limit for the card holders is $25,000. The more you spend, the more rewards you will earn, and soon they are planning to add more functionality to this credit card.

How much interest is offered to BlockFi interest account holders?

If you are planning to open an "interest account" on the BlockFi platform or you have already been using their services, then you are eligible to get great interest on your cryptos. The BlockFi Interest accounts, also known as BIA is known to offer you great crypto benefits. To check the interest rate, you can visit and have a glance at the chart that is dedicated to resolving this query of the users.


As we know, it is one of the first credit cards that were offered by a cryptocurrency exchange, but this may not be the best credit card around. If you are interested in earning great rewards, then this credit card could fulfill your needs. But, in some aspects, it has some downsides too. To have a better understanding of this card, check out the BlockFi credit card FAQs listed below.

Answering some BlockFi credit card Frequently Asked Questions-

The Visa Signature card offered by BlockFi is definitely a credit card that has similar functionalities as that of any other credit card. This credit card is accepted almost anywhere where a credit card is accepted. However, the best thing about using this card is that you earn great rewards by using it and earn around 1.5% back in the form of crypto.

There is always an issuing authority that works behind any card service. So, if you are interested to know more about which bank does issue this card, then you should note that the BlockFi credit card is issued by Evolve Bank & Trust. All the customers who are lucky enough to have received this card should note that they are eligible to get 1.5% back in the form of rewards on different transactions they make.

If this is the first time you are dealing with the BlockFi credit card, then you must know how it works. The BlockFi credit card works in a similar manner as any other credit card. But, it comes with some special features, services, and offers. The card is known to provide 1.5% back in cryptocurrency on the transactions that you make through this card. In addition to that, you are also given a boosted 2% reward in case you spend $30,000 or above in a year.

Well, if you have a good history and you have not violated any of the terms set by BlockFi, then you are eligible to apply for a credit card. The one and the most important thing that the issue considered while issuing you the credit card is your credit score, which should not be less than 680. The underwriting authority is the one that takes care of all of this and then makes the final decision.