Blink Home Monitor App For PC, Windows 10

Blink Home Monitor App For PC: You can use a Blink App to monitor your place without any difficulty.

In this modern era, when you have to move out of your home immediately for your projects and fieldwork.

Blink app allows you to connect to your home and view the live stream in HD quality.

Also, the blink app lets you control and manage various camera systems through one app only.

Features of Blink App

There are many useful features of the Blink app for PC, Windows 10. Check the following to see them.

1. HD Videos:

Blink app lets you view your home clearly with HD quality videos of up to 720p. With its built-in LED illumination, you can view the color videos without any blurriness or distortion even at night time.

2. Two Way Audio:

Blink app lets you start a conversation by sitting far away from the house. This feature of the blink home ensures the double safety of your home. If you see any mishap in your house, you can instantly talkback by pressing the Talk Button app and warn the bad actors.

Also, if you see any guests in the house, you can inform them about your non-availability and all.

3. Alert Notifications:

You can set the notification for the alert. This alert notification is linked with the particular video that helps you correspond accordingly.

4. “Instant On” Feature:

This feature of the blink app helps you to tackle the problem of automatic sleep of various cameras. Many cameras (battery-powered mostly) goes to sleep anytime in order to save the battery. So, this Instant On feature not only helps you to wake up the camera but also starts the recording of the particular event that might help you in the future.

5. Built-In Temperature Sensors:

Built-in temperature sensors of the blink app help you to keep an eye on the temperature of the particular location where the camera is installed.

6. The Motion Detector:

This is the most important feature of the blink app. This feature is designed to detect anything that is in motion. So, it can detect any moving objects either animals, humans, or anything. This helps you to stay alert of any doubtful people.

7. Night Vision:

The built-in led illumination feature of the blink app helps you to see the clear view in HD quality at night as well.

8. Microphone:

The built-in Microphone lets you not only see the videos but also hear them if anything is happening at your home.

How to Download Blink App for PC - Windows 10/8/7

Step # 1

First, you need to find an emulator. An emulator is either hardware or software that makes one computer (known as a host) behave or emulate like another computer (called a guest).

As many apps only offer android or IOS versions de to which it makes them unable to cope up with the windows operating system. To avoid all these issues, you need an emulator to simulate the app function on the PC.

You can use emulators like NOX or Bluestack App Player.

Step # 2

After installing the emulator of your choice, open the Microsoft store or google play store on your device.

Step # 3

Now search Blink Home App on the app store. Click on it and press the download option.

Step # 4

Once downloaded, you can open it and start operating and monitoring your cameras with ease.

How to Use the Blink Home Monitor App for PC?

Many people find it difficult to manage an app when using it for the first time. So, here is a complete guide to make yourself at home with the app.

  • After downloading is complete, click on the logo of Blink to continue.

  • Click “Add a System”.

  • Set the name for this system. It can be “my workplace” and “my home”.

  • Now click “Add a Sync”.

  • Now a screen with some guidelines will pop up. Read it and then click “Ready”.

  • Now enter the “sync Module Number”. It must be somewhere at the unit’s bottom.

  • Then plug it into power. Once you see a green or blue light, it is done.

  • Now add a secure Wi-Fi connection to the app, enter the password and connect it to the app.

  • Now, you’ll see a notification of “sync Module Added”.

  • Press “done” and select the camera that you need to connect with the Blink home monitor app.

  • Read the guidelines and select “Ready”.

  • Now enter the required things like the camera’s serial number and click “Continue”.

  • Now adjust the position of the camera according to your ease and select the snapshot as per your choice.

  • Click “done” and you are ready to use your app. You can repeat the aforementioned steps to add any other camera system as well.

How to Download Blink Videos to PC - Windows 10/8/7

Blink videos can be easily downloaded if you have this software already on your PC. To do this, click the video from the previews and then find the option to download it. Once you have already clicked it, there will be an option to download it. Select the download to PC and you will have your Blink app videos on your PC.

Blink App FAQs

Can I connect multiple devices with the Blink app for PC?

Yes! You can add multiple camera systems in the Blink app at one time. This does not require you to log out of other camera systems i.e. you can operate multiple camera systems simultaneously.

Can I Operate Blink App without WIFI?

No! You need to have a stable WIFI connection to view the live stream. If you lose the connection, it auto connects once the WIFI is available. Also, make sure that you have a strong WIFI security. This can strengthen the security of your camera systems as well.

Does Blink Apps record the video?

Yes! Blink app allows you to record the video. This video is saved in the blink app. Also, you can download this video anytime on your pc as well.


Blink is the most compatible option for the surveillance of your cameras. You can view and monitor your cameras anywhere with just one click. Along with that, its features like two-way audio, motion detection, LED illumination, and notification alerts do not require you to worry about the security of your house or workplace anymore.