Bleep Blop has evolved from its humble beginnings of piano and laptop to an exciting new level of performing technological innovation. Our events feature arrays of acoustic and electronic components, custom tailored to the unique performing individuals we have worked with. We work with fully composed works, free improvisation, and anything you can imagine in between.

Our live setup, composed of people, patchbays, pedals, programming, computers, cameras, controllers, cables, knobs, networks, software, switches, synthesizers, scores, smartphones, microphones, and more; offers our composers, performers, collaborators, and audiences a virtually limitless sonic palette. We have performed works involving loops, microtones, aleatory, noise, gamelan, and countless other musical components.

At the core of our existence, Bleep Blop exists to work with interested/interesting artists. We offer a perpetual call for participation which has resulted in significant and permanent collaborations. We have worked on several ambitious student projects and proposals; this practice we plan to continue indefinitely. We strive to provide educational opportunities to everyone involved. We constantly learn from our collaborators, and we work diligently to foster a learning environment to the community through demonstrations and public performance.

Bleep Blop formed in 2010. Our founding members, Ramon Castillo (artistic director, technology director, composer, and performer), PoChun Wang (executive director & composer), and Pei-Yeh Tsai (pianist & manager) have active academic and creative careers in addition to the ensemble.

Among our many collaborations and projects:

MIT Hacking Arts 2014 featured Bleep Blop's unique electroacoustic performance at the intersection of improvisation and technology.

Sandeep Das premiered four new works for tabla and electronics during our 2013 season.

Bleep Blop has appeared at several area schools featuring premieres of dozens of new works.

Bleep Blop has non-profit status in Massachusetts.