We are a family owned business with great passion and love for fishing and out doors. We have started with this service in order to share the knowledge and make memorable moments through fishing experience and nature for all.

Our head fisherman is Bojan Blazeski.

Get to know him!

Bojan Blazeski

I am a professional fisherman, with vast international experience. I started fishing when I was 5y old and didn't stop since. It was love at first sight that is still going!

I started my competition career in 2012 and already in season 1 I had great success. Among other things - I qualified for a spot on the national team of Serbia, East Europe. I took part in the biggest tournaments in Europe with great ranking, for number of years. I've been competing, side by side, with the biggest names in the world of fishing.

In Europe, I was doing a lot of work from education for younger kids on basics of fishing to being a trainer for new fisherman going into competitions.

In my long career I learned and practiced all freshwater fishing techniques - most of them I reached expert skill level (feeder, carp, coarse fishing etc.)

I am a yearlong member of fishing club Energotim, which is one of the clubs with most wins and trophies in Serbia, East Europe.

I won numerous trophies and medals over time. Still passing on my love for fishing to others (especially kids) is what I enjoy most of all. Fishing is not only catching fish, but full experience of nature and what it has to give and show us.