2021.02.02: ZULF NMR Perspectives article in JMR: "Lower than Low"

A fun writing project with Dima Budker and Andreas Trabesinger.

Part of a Festschrift in honor of Bernard Blümich

2020.10.01: JWB starts a new job as Associate Director of NMR Applications at NVision Imaging Technologies GmbH

2020.05.07: ZULF NMR with commercial magnetometers featured on the cover of JMR

2019.10.25: ZULF Sideband-based Dark-Matter Search Published in Science Advances

Congrats to Antoine and CASPEr team!

2019.05.15: ZULF Comagnetometer-Based Dark Matter Search Published in PRL

Congrats to Teng and CASPEr team!

2019.04.07-12: Experimental NMR Conference in Asilomar

Here are a couple of posters that will be presented at the conference:

2019.01.23-25: Cooling and Commissioning the Magnet

Martin is thrilled

2019.02.04: ZULF Gradiometer Paper Published in Phys. Rev. Applied

Congrats to Billion and Román!

2018.12.19: Putting the Variable-Temperature Insert into the magnet

2018.10.18: CASPEr-Wind-LF magnet arrives!