Working Papers

Economic History

Extralegal Determinants of Criminal Sentencing: The Case of British Columbia, 1864-1913 (with Ian Keay and Kris Inwood) Job Market Paper

Custom, Formality and Comparative Development: Evidence from Local Government in Newfoundland.

The Impact of Institutional Change on Criminal Sentencing: Evidence from British Columbia’s Jails, 1864-1913. (with Ian Keay and Kris Inwood)

Labour and Macroeconomics

Heterogeneous College Noncompletion: Empirics, Theory and Policy Implications.

The Effect of Housing Prices on Wealth and Wealth Inequality in Canada from 1999-2019. (with Brant Abbott)

Work in Progress

Human Capital, Intergenerational Linkages, and Social Mobility (with Titus Galama and Kevin Thom)

The Opioid Epidemic in the Courts

Labor Market Concentration and the Firm-size Wage Premium (with Kevin Devereux)

Professional Networks in Self-Regulating Industries: Evidence from Canadian Physicians