Research Statement

I'm an applied economist and economic historian who is broadly interested in issues related to human capital, inequality, economic growth and institutions. I study these issues primarily through the application of heterogeneous agent models and applied microeconomics. I am particularly interested in the long-run determinants of economic growth and patterns of inequality between individuals and places.

Working Papers

Macroeconomics/Labour Economics

Heterogeneous College Noncompletion: Empirics, Theory and Policy Implications.

The Effect of Housing Prices on Wealth and Wealth Inequality in Canada from 1999- 2019. (with Brant Abbott)

The Details are in the Decomposition: How Exactly Do Genetic Endowments Affect Educational Attainment? (work in progress with Titus Galama and Kevin Thom)

Economic History

Custom, Formality and Comparative Development: Evidence from Local Government in Newfoundland.

The Impact of Institutional Change on Criminal Sentencing: Evidence from British Columbia’s Jails, 1864-1913. (with Ian Keay and Kris Inwood)

Gender, Indigeneity, and Social Class: Criminal Sentencing at the Turn of the 20th Century in British Columbia. (work in progress with Ian Keay and Kris Inwood)