About Us

Blain Farming began in 1972 when Brian Blain and his father, Albert Blain, planted the first large-scale pecan orchard in California. In 1997 the third generation joined the team with the addition of Brody Blain and Barrett Blain.

Over the decades, Blain Farming has been a leader in developing modern pecan-growing cultural practices that has led to consistent high-quality yield productions. Due to Brian's early adoption of innovative practices, alternate bearing years are virtually a thing of the past. Over the years, we have participated in countless "test-blocks" in coordination with various educational organizations, plant nurseries, chemical companies, and other growers. This willingness to learn and grow our knowledge base has provided a wealth of experience and real world know-how that we use everyday to create the best managed orchards in California.


Brian Blain - Founder

Brody Blain - President

Barrett Blain - Vice President

Brittany Blain - Secretary

Jim Goodin - Ranch Manager of Tulare County Orchards

Raul Cortez - Harvest Manager

Michael Brensel - Head Pest Control Advisor

Debra Rodriguez - Office Manager