If there’s a breast cancer sisterhood, what’s a girl to do when she finds herself instead in a bladder cancer golf club? Mechele Leon wrote and stars in this personal story about getting cancer and losing a bladder, about chemotherapy and the fight to survive. Performed with props and puppets, music and audience participation, this solo show is an irreverent, self-mocking, and hilarious take on bladders, cancer, and living life without the “tank.” 

It was 2016 when Mechele Leon, a professor of theatre at the University of Kansas, was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  How does a person tell the story of a trauma?  Director, actor, and comedian Mechele does it by exploring different ways of telling a cancer story: from fairy tale to podcast, from cooking demonstrations to puppet theatre.  It's SNL meets the cancer confessional — don't miss it! Directed by Theresa Buchheister. 

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Brooklyn NY, October 2017

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