System matters, but great storytelling matters more. Black Shield Productions is a team of high-quality, professional Game Masters able and ready to provide fun and exciting role-playing events to everyone from the new player looking to try out role playing, to the long time player looking for new and challenging games and role playing experiences. Make your next game a great one with Black Shield Productions!

What The Players are Saying:

"The game masters of Black Shield Productions run the best one-shot con games I've ever played, and frankly some of the best games, period. They are welcoming of players of all levels of experience and manage to make every game work with different playing styles and skills. They roll with the punches of every bizarre thing their players come up with. I can go into any BSP game and know that it's going to be a great time!" - Connie Thomson

"Thanks to Black Shield Productions, I was able to get over my fear of gaming in front of people"

-William Riley

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