Black Rock Observatory

Black Rock Observatory is pleased to announce our schedule of events for Burning Man 2022. Our theme camp is conveniently located at H & 2:45, and the observatory dome is located nearby, open until the wee hours. Kids' Night is Tuesday, and we have an incredible meteorite museum and a series of SPACEtalks on MWF afternoons.

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Black Rock Observatory Schedule of Events

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Our mission

Our mission is to inspire science literacy and introduce people to the wonders of the cosmos.
We bring Science to Art Festivals and places where it needs champions.
We are a tourist office for the rest of the universe.

Welcome to the new Black Rock Observatory website!

Hello all you wonderful space nerds! We're in the process of updating our website. Please bear with us and let us know if there is anything you'd like to see added to the site.

We look forward to stargazing with you all soon.