" During the course of my studies I knew Geir Kalhagen to be extremely creative and inspiring to those who were fortunate enough to work with him. He constantly challenged those who participated in projects with him to see beyond the conventional scope of the assignments which frequently resulted in outstanding results. He brings an enthusiasm and unique perspective to anything he does. Truly one of the most gifted and creative people I have worked with."

Brian Jordan, Sales, Hood Distribution

"I've had the privilege of working with Geir for approximately the past 12 years. I've found him to be both tough and reasonable, working hard to protect the interests of his employer, while understanding that there truly are factors beyond control. Geir's knowledge of the industry, cargo movement, and logistics goes far beyond his involvement in cargo movement, and encompasses a significant portion of the supply chain. He's been a valuable source of insight to those of us who have worked with him. In an emotionally charged atmosphere - the waterfront or negotiating table - Geir has consistently maintained a professional manner. I'm very pleased to be able to recommend Geir Kalhagen."

Peter Grossgart, Marketing Manager, Port of Stockton

"I have had the pleasure of working with Geir-Eilif on a number ofoccations on the US West Coast. Geir-Eilif is very pleasant towork with, down to earth but with a lot of focus on the detailsand the overall operation for the benefit of all parties involved."

Peter Greve Jensen, Chartering at DSV

"Geir-Eilif is a straight shooter, has integrity, and cares about hiscustomers. He is a person I prefer to work with. He isprofessional and he also shows his human side making peoplearound him comfortable. He is a hard worker and effective."

Sue Beklund, Director of Operational Services, Port of Tacoma

"Geir-Eilif is a results oriented and collaborative manage. He is clear in his instructions to vendors and remains available during all phases of operations. He brings a broad base of operational expertise with him. He is well respected in the industry and has a large circle of colleagues. His sea going background coupled with his commercial and operational experience suit him well for any endeavor he chooses."

Peter Richards, Quality assurance Manager, Ports America

"Geir was a professional at his job during the time of our workingrelationship. He was dedicated to seeing the job through eachand every time."

Terry Hirsch, General Manager, Host Terminals

"Geir was an experienced, detail oriented manager who dealt effectively with organized labor and who planned and executed his work in a very efficient manner. Because of his schooling and training he brought a high level of expertise to the job. Geir was always a good performer and I believe he would be a strong plus to any organization he worked for."

Jim Pedersen, Vice President, SSA Marine

"Geir is a true professional. Working with him over the years both directly as well as indirectly gave me a true perspective to how he handled business and represented himself as well as his company and/or board. Integrity and honesty were and are still first and foremost with Geir and after meeting him for the first time this was very clear. He shows these qualities and expects it which allows for strong relationships to form and business relations to prosper for both sides."

Steve Sewerniuk, Liebherr

"I have known and worked with Geir since 2001 in both a professional and personal level. He has always provided outstanding service and insight. Geir can be relied upon to get the job done no matter what it takes and gets it done on time. He is also fun to have around... "

Dan Twohig , Master Mariner