Contributing Developers

Blackbelt Ribbon Code & Concept Contributors

In-Wook Yoo - Contributor to the Design of Ternary Plot v.2013, and Click Plot v.2013Kevin Peng - Contributor to the Design of Ternary Plot v.2013Lillian Song - Contributor to the Design of Simple Cluster v.2013

Blackbelt Ribbon Heat Map Developer Library Contributors

Sen Lin - Geography-China: Jiangsu Province (added 2020)Zhenli Min - Geography-China: Guangdong Province (added 2020)Jingjing Wang - Geography-China: Shanxi Province (added 2020)Lusha Ji - Geography-City: Beijing (added 2020)Emily Betthauser - Geography-City Milwaukee (added 2020)Cade Santha - Geography-City: North-Residence (added 2020)John Wittenberg - Geography-National: Canada (added 2020) Harry You - Geography-China: Shenzhen Province (added 2020)Andrew Fedak - Geography-National: Ukraine (added 2020)Connor Reid - Geography-City: Cincinnati (added 2020)Shiyu Lu - Geography-City: Tokyo (added 2020)Nicole Crone - Geography-City: OSUCampus (added 2020)Wendy Weng - Anatomy: Lungs (added 2020)Dominic Julian - Geography-City: ChicagoSkyline (added 2020)
Toby Li - Geography-China Henan: Province (added 2020)Katie Riley - Geography-City: Brecksville Precincts (added 2021)Caroline Drinko - Geography-County: Cuyahoga (added 2021)Alex Domeck - Geography-City: Columbus (added 2021)Andrew Whiteman - Geography-City: OSU Oval (added 2021)Aaron Goetz - Anatomy: Footprint (added 2021)Matthew Hutt - Geography-County: Portage (added 2021)Jake Spaude - Blueprints: RotaryPhone (added 2021)Alex Pizov - Blueprints: Building2 (added 2021)John Browne - Anatomy: Eye (added 2021)Matthew Frastaci - Geography-National: Japan (added 2021)Corey Sullivan - Blueprint: BaseballSpray (added 2021)Cameron Smith - Geography-National: Chad (2021)Jordan Klapper - Artwork: ArcDeTriomphe (2021)

Current Heat Map Developer Libraries (as of August 2019)