Hardscaped elements complement the organic features of any landscape. Let Bill Johnston Landscaping Company bring dimension, texture, and more functionality to your yard, and transform your living space. Our expert design team will take the time to work with you so you can turn your dream into a reality.

Walkways and Steps

Well-built walkways and steps provide for a safe and convenient path about your property. When artfully positioned, they can also be used to define an area. Our team of experienced paving engineers will replace that heaved, cracked sidewalk and replace it with natural stone, brick, or decorator's concrete using the latest building technology. We can also refurbish and re-set your existing hard materials in an eco-friendly manner.


Enhance your privacy, security, and peace of mind with decorative and long-lasting wood, vinyl, composite, or metal fencing. We install it. You enjoy it.

Patios and Gazebos

Want to install a patio or gazebo but don't know where to start? Our team of experts will create your new outdoor living space from start to finish, from the solid foundation for your new gazebo, to the path leading to it.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Enhance your next barbecue with a custom-built outdoor fireplace or cooking area, easily integrated into your outdoor room. Your new outdoor space will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Pool Decks

We work with your existing in-ground pool contractor to engineer and install a durable, safe, and attractive pool deck that will complement your investment for years to come.

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