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A free guidebook to Bouldering in Western Montana's Lost Horse Canyon and Bitterroot Valley.

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5/20: PLEASE STAY HOME DUE TO COVID19. Montana is requiring all travelers arriving from out of state for non essential/business purposes to self quarantine for 14 days.

The Bitteroot Valley is a rural area with a large elderly population. Even if you are young and healthy you may be carrying COVID19 and the ethical thing to do is stay home in accordance with recommendations by the AAC. The boulders will be here next year, go for a hike locally and get a hang board.

3/10 Update: At a meeting with a group of local climbers District Ranger Steve Brown clarified that when he wrote "cleaning" he was thinking of removing loose rock with a crow bar. Jen asked about brushing holds and I asked if it was okay to climb a new boulder I discovered and he indicated both were okay.

2/28 Update: they have revised their order here. It is more focused on fixed anchors but still an unprecedented forest wide ban with no expiration date. Local climbers are organizing their response and participate in the climbing management plan process. Please get in touch with me to join.

ALERT: The Bitterroot National Forest has announced a surprising forest wide ban on bolts ad new routes. This is an unprecedented step for a national forest with national implications. It was announced without an opportunity for public comment at the request of a small group of anti climbing activists.


  • Submit comments to local and regional forest service leadership via the access funds tool.
  • Submit comments directly to the local forest service via the contact info in the announcement.
  • Join (and follow) the access fund and Western Montana Climbers Coalition for further updates.
  • Comply with the order (and all Bitteroot Forest Regulations) while working to have it rescinded and replaced with something more reasonable.
  • Continue to follow Leave No Trace ethics. These include several principles particularly relevant to climbers: "Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces [including]established trails and campsites, rock, gravel, dry grasses or snow." "In popular areas ... Concentrate use on existing trails and campsites." and "In pristine areas ... Disperse use to prevent the creation of campsites and trails ... [and] ...Avoid places where impacts are just beginning."

The Guide:

Guide book links temporarily removed due to COVID19.

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