Bitterroot Beta

A free guidebook to Bouldering in Western Montana's Lost Horse Canyon and Bitterroot Valley.

This started as notes on a few new problems and has grown into an ongoing attempt to produce a somewhat up to date guide to the impeccable bouldering in Lost Horse Canyon.

A rough draft is available here:

Lost Horse Bouldering v0.6 (PDF updated 6/9/2018)

Please submit corrections, additions and ratings suggestions to or via facebook.

The guide includes 300+ problem in the lower canyon (below the south fork) and some information on the area and local amenities. A guide covering the upper canyon is in the works.

The book is 80+ pages long and still being updated. To save paper, you can save a copy to your phone or print it with two pages per sheet as a booklet if your printer supports that.

The guide is free but if you like it consider supporting The Access Fund and Western Montana Climbers Coalition.

NEW: Jim Striebel and Eric Chesebro have provided a copy of the guide they wrote in 1994 for the first Lost Horse climbing competition: