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Going through the very basics of BitMart at a glance

BitMart is a cryptocurrency exchange that operates all across the globe and functions in more than 180 countries. It gives its users the ability of buying and selling up to 1000 digital currencies and tokens. In this article, we are going to provide a whole range of information that a user will need for full-fledged usage of BitMart and we would also give some information on BitMart SafeMoon.

BitMart sign up process

Trading experience of BitMart exchange 

BitMart can be used in two forms. One is a web-based version that can be accessed on any of the commonly used web browsers. And, the other comes in the form of a mobile app that is available for both Android and iOS. So if you are using it on mobile, you will just need to download the BitMart app which will give you access to all kinds of features of BitMart including BitMart SafeMoon. BitMart is a platform that will be a good choice for all kinds of traders as it provides a perfect combination of useful basic features and high-level trading options. And, this is the reason it is used by a vast variety of people all across the globe.

BitMart password reset process

Reasons for BitMart not working

From BitMart server being down to the app being under maintenance, there can be a variety of reasons responsible for BitMart not working properly or not working at all. The most frequent reason is when the app is not able to launch properly and the main cause of this is the app not being used regularly. In this kind of condition, you will not be able to access features like BitMart SafeMoon.

Reasons for the same can be as follows:

Waiting for some time is the only possible solution for the above 2 reasons and in case the third reason is the cause, i.e. there is a fault with the internet connection then getting it fixed is the only way out of this problem and until your issue is fixed you would not be able to access features like BitMart SafeMoon.

Some other solutions which may help you solve your problem are as follows:

Solutions for BitMart login issues

For mobile:

For PC:

BitMart customer service description

BitMart features a full-fledged customer support system which consists of a dedicated center for support, tickets for support, and a live chat feature. It is capable of solving almost all kinds of issues that customers usually face including issues related to BitMart SafeMoon. But, its limitation is that it does not have phone support.


We have explained almost everything which a beginner needs to know to get started with BitMart and BitMart SafeMoon. But, since BitMart is a platform associated with trading which involves risk because of the market being volatile, we would advise you to do your own research too before getting started. We hope this article benefited you in the best possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions

The company is registered with MSB which clearly states that it is a legitimate crypto exchange and this is the reason why it has a good reputation all over the globe. But, despite being legitimate it is still a crypto exchange and activities associated with it definitely involve risk of loss. So, one should be really careful while using it.

BitMart trading facility is available for US users but they cannot use the earn and lend products of the exchange. Despite one its offices being in New York, there are still limitations for US users on the platform.

Yes, SafeMoon is still available on BitMart and it can be bought using USDT. In addition, one will need to go through a migration process to switch from Bitmart SafeMoon to SafeMoon v2 on BitMart.