In today’s era it is not possible for parents to keep their children away from the internet.. Internet plays a vital role in daily life. The only thing you can do is try to keep your kids from running across some of the less savory parts of the internet, and to protect them from dangerous people In order to keep them as safe as possible, For this you will use Bitdefender . It vends anti-virus software, internet security software, endpoint security software, and other cybersecurity products and services. You can also visit their website and get a product for your Windows , Android , iOS or Mac device. As we talk about, the Bitdefender provides a huge variety of product and to manage these products there is also a smooth managing system called Bitdefender Central.

You get the opportunity to choose the degree of control you need over your children's Internet activities. You can keep down a bit and still enable them to make the most of their time online without being causing disruption.

It delivers extra layers of protection against ransomware so that nobody in the family has to become victims of ransom and phishing scams.

Features of Bitdefender central are :

  • Keep track of your internet activities on whichever Operating system you use.
  • Decide how much time they should spend on the internet.
  • Keep track of their whereabouts when they use phones and laptops with GPS tracking
  • You can also decide which categories of websites and content you don't want to find.
  • There is also a "Safe Check-In" feature which allows to notify that all are OK without actually having to call. This will save you both time and energy. There is a Bitdefender Central interface for logging in, where you can make changes and set parameters on each profile remotely.
  • It can also help you monitor your social media platforms . View reports regarding their social accounts so you'll know who they are getting friend requests from and other details. To install this application, you will need to know the credentials of your account. You can stop monitoring at anytime by using the Unlink account button.
  • In addition to Bitdefender Central , you get other tools with the Family Pack to help keep your entire family and household safe, such as a VPN and Wi-Fi protection and webcam protection.