1112 BISN

Live web streaming station, broadcasting athletic events for Cheyenne South High School and other select athletic events throughout Cheyenne. The duo of Allan and Steve are one of a kind as the humor they bring to the broadcasts will have you laughing at your laptop, mobile device or smart TV multiple times throughout the event you are watching. Their passion for the events they cover will make you feel like you are at the game, minus the amazing popcorn. 1112 BISN celebrated a big milestone with their 200th Broadcast on January 5, 2019.

1112 BISN broadcasts can be found on YouTube www.youtube.com/1112bisn or by clicking on this link 1112 BISN YouTube Page (make sure to subscribe to their channel while you are there) or you can even find their current broadcasts on the website www.southhighbisonathletics.com

Meet your 1112 BISN Broadcast Team:

Allan - Color commentator and part-time play-by-play. Allan provides the expert analysis of plays, players and the game overall throughout the broadcast all while being the camera operator, stat keeper and audio/video engineer. After listening to a broadcast of 1112 BISN you will leave an expert of the athletic event you just finished watching and be able to write novels about the sport itself. Even though he secretly thrives to do play-by-play his inability to remember names can leave him tongue tied, confused and balding. His love for popcorn and Asian cuisine is legendary. Subscribe to Allan's YouTube Channel where he posts vlogs, reviews and tutorials and also like his Facebook Page.

Steve - Play-by-play, he is known as "the voice of the Bison". Steve's incredible play-by-play during the broadcast will have you feeling like you are sitting court side or up in the stands watching the game in person. His energetic calls during games will have you cheering or crying throughout the broadcast. His ability to memorize the names of the opposing teams players by just glancing at a roster sheet is still being scientifically researched and his love for chewing gum is astounding.

The Real Deal - Guest Color Commentator. This guest color commentator is a mythical being who fills in to do color commentating when Allan is forced to do play-by-play for Steve when Steve is officiating a varsity high school basketball game or stuck at home dealing with his bunions. The Real Deal is only allowed to participate for a few broadcasts per year as his color commentating skills and ability to break down a game and a play is absolutely amazing and makes Allan's color commentating look like an amateur. But does he really exist? He is too good at color commentating to be a real person isn't he?