Early 2019 - How it all began

For several years it has been proposed by local Celtic fans that Bishopton form a Celtic Supporters club, however it has never fully come to fruition due to a lack of fans in the area.

However, given the recent injection of 600+ (and growing) new families into Bishopton with the creation of Dargavel Village, interest in a Bishopton based Celtic supporters club was re-ignited!

From there, a number of Celtic-minded individuals decided to get together via Facebook, WhatsApp and the Bishopton Social club to bring the club to life.

The Bishopton Emerald CSC was formed on the evening of Tuesday 30th April ‘19, with seven founding members willing to devote their time and energy to get the club up and running in readiness for the 2019/20 9-in-a-row season.

Over the coming months, they have committed to successfully setting up our community CSC that will last the test of time, very much like Celtic FC and it’s heritage.

Hopefully you’ll realise how historical an event this is given that there is generally at least one CSC in most towns in the west of Scotland and up until now, Bishopton has alluded this.

Our CSC may only have started in 2019, however The Bishopton Emerald CSC will pave the way for local Celtic fans to come together and support our club for many years to come.

Hail Hail,

The Bishopton Emerald CSC

The Bishopton Emerald Emblem

At the heart of the club emblem is the Roman Fort, which could be found near historic Ingleston.

This fort is against the backdrop of the sunset, with the River Clyde underneath.

The sunset also doubles up with the Irish "sunburst" (Gal Ghreine).

Finally, the Trinity Celtic Band will forever sum up the year 2019, when the club was founded as Glasgow Celtic completed the historic "treble treble" season.