Bionomics lab

Bionomics Lab

Bionomics (Greek: bio = life; nomos = law)

Definition I) The comprehensive study of an organism and its relation to its environment. As translated from the French word Bionomie, its first use in English was in the period of 1885–1890. Another way of expressing this word is the term currently referred to as "ecology".

Definition II) An economic discipline which studies economy as a self-organized evolving ecosystem.

(From Wikipedia)

Head to the "Bionomics Team" tab to meet the lab members. We are a growing group of researchers with interest and expertise in Microbial Ecology and evolution, parasitic interactions, aquatic microbial food web studies and large-scale multi-omics analyses. 

We work on different aspects of parasitic interactions. Our specific aim is to develop frameworks and methods allowing us to disentangle multipartite interactions that fit under the umbrella of "parasitic" interactions. Check out our projects to get a view of our research!

We combine high throughput multi-omics studies of aquatic systems with intricately designed experimental strategies on cultured multi-parasitic model systems to understand these interactions. We also do experimental manipulations of natural systems.