Social Network Analytics

Guest Editors:

Nilanjan Dey, Samarjeet Borah, Amira S. Ashour, and Rosalina Babo

Scope of the Book:

Recently analyzing social network data is gaining more importance in various domains, such as business, crime analysis etc. It is rapidly gaining interest of the research community in various aspects, which is basically, mapping and measuring of relationships and flows between people, groups, organizations, computers, URLs, and other connected information/knowledge entities. It is a difficult task due to availability of huge amount of data along with very complex structures. This book will focus on various technical concepts and aspects of social network analysis. The proposed volume aims at brining authors and researchers to a common platform to report recent developments and finding in this emerging area of research. In addition, this volume will include different applications in several domains, such as business, education, and industrial. It is also observed that there are limited numbers of resources and books in this field of interest. Therefore, this volume many help interested researchers and students to carry out further research in the said area.

Topics of Interest:

This volume will be accepting contributions from various aspects of social network analysis. The contributions may be fundamentals of associated fields/concepts, applications, algorithms, case studies etc.

Social Network Analytics (not limited to):

  • Social Physics and Social Networks
  • Small-world networks
  • Social network patterns
  • Social Network Models
  • Visualizing and Modeling
  • Network Theory
  • Mathematical models implied by the growth of the network
  • Modeling social change
  • Tracking change of networks over time
  • Social Network Techniques
  • Social Networks and Big Data Analytics
  • Crime and social network analysis
  • Privacy preservation
  • Visualizing complex relationships
  • Social networks and economics
  • Multidimensional scaling
  • Prediction of links and nodes
  • Clustering of complex networks
  • Cliques within components
  • Cyber communities
  • Scientific and scholarly networks
  • Statistical models for social networks
  • Intersecting social circles
  • Components and citation circles
  • Structural Locations Classes and Positions
  • Robustness of searching key nodes
  • SNA characteristics
  • Various case studies
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Social Networking Challenges and Future Perspectives

Important Dates:

One-Page write-up (abstract only with title) : 15-NOV-2017

Preliminary acceptance/rejection notification : 30-NOV-2017

Full chapter submission : 20-DEC-2017

First review notification : 15-JAN-2018

Revised paper submission : 15-FEB-2018

Acceptance/Rejection notification : 05-MAR-2018

Camera ready submission : 20-MAR-2018

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