Research and Prototypes

Software Tools and Prototypes

  • MSPTool - mass spectrometry data preprocessing tool
  • Ms-Analyzer - microarray datasets analysis tool
  • miRNA-Analyzer - micro-RNA datasets analysis tool
  • Cartesio - on-line virtual stent positioning tool
  • JLabChart - differential pressure analyzer
  • G4Predictor - G-Quadruplex DNA/RNA predictor
  • JSSPred - secondary protein structure predictor
  • GeoMedica - geographical information system for clinical datasets spatial analysis
  • ReVA - voice diseases detection system
  • EiPeptiDi - enhanced peptide discovery tool in ICAT-based LC-MS/MS experiments
  • AutoSPET - SPM plugin for the analysis of PET neuroimages
  • AFibPredictor - intracavitary analysis tool for atrial fibrillation prediction
  • Vemps System - Data management System for Audiology Department Patients (ADD LINK TO PAGE and IN THE PAGE Put: people, Project Description, Software tool, Publications, Status -active closed ...)

Research Topics

  • Genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Biological Networks
  • Bioimage research
  • Biological and Clinical Data Enrichment
  • Geographic Clinical Data Analysis
  • Distributed Computational Environments for Clinical Data Sharing


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