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Biohealth Protein increases the level of hydrochloric acid in the gut for proper digestion and overall gastrointestinal function. Normal levels of hydrochloric acid are required for complete digestion of proteins and absorption of amino acids. It takes the right acid to create systemic alkalinity—the key to health, longevity, and weight loss. Yes, you heard that right! I’m talking about HCl here, the only acid your body actually produces on its own that is not a byproduct of metabolic waste.

BioHealth Nutrition has done it again with a brand new sleep aid product! Increase your quality of sleep while losing weight, lets go ahead and tell you how it works! This fully-loaded night-time formula was designed to optimize your natural sleep-cycle and have you burning fat while you rest. A perfectly balanced array of ingredients that will have you sleeping better than you ever have in your life.

bio health protein powder

Finding the right health supplements is never an easy task so when you are choosing Biohealth you know its the right choice!

biohealth protein
biohealth nutrition

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