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We here at Bio Health Flavors have taken the necessary steps to make our flavor palettes the best they can possibly be. Whether you are trying one of our classic flavors, or you are trying one of our out of the box flavors, our idea was simple: How do we incorporate all the great features as well as healthy ingredients, and still make sure the taste is still amazing.

So for all of our different protein categories, we had specific and unique flavors made for each type. Yes, some of our flavors are seen in Both our Blend and ISO flavors, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. they actually taste different but still amazing. So let’s go ahead and dive into the flavor palettes for each of the categories that Biohealth has to offer!

Bio health protein reviews

The fruit flavors play a huge role in our Biohealth family as they offer a couple different options for creating delicious tasting protein shakes. While you can just shake it up with water, this product goes extremely well with all smoothie recipes. A lot of times we find the macros on smoothies are extremely high in regards to carb and fat content. With our ISO protein, we took that problem away and eliminated all of the fat and carbohydrates! Now you have options to add all your favorite fruits and extras to make the best smoothies around!

Our Blend flavors, while similar to our ISO flavors, have a unique blend of great tasting whey and Casein protein. The flavors, however, are on another level, and by another level, we mean on the same playing field as our ISO flavors.

Bio health protein flavors
Biohealth protein flavors

Biohealth Protein Flavors

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