This book: The Biography Of Martin Lem, Noble Flemish Merchant to Portugal, in the 15th Century is concerning the life and dynasty of the Flemish merchant who travelled in the year 1430 to Portugal to build his business contacts. He met and was engaged to a noble Portuguese lady named 'Joana Barrosos', whom he married in Brugge and who gave him a son, name Maerten.

Maerten became a successful merchant and leading local politician in Brugge, where he was the mayor for many years, a Councillor, the Head of Police (ecoutete) and also the Councillor of Emperor Maximilian of Austria, the Count of Flanders.

There has been so much uncertainty about this Martin Lem, the father, mainly caused by the official Portuguese documents, prior to 1466. The early Portuguese historians and genealogists did not investigate the Flemish Archives enough and missed out on the post 1466 information. That all has been corrected now and this updated information has enabled the author to write this Biography.

In going backwards, from the 'known to the unknown' some surprising new details have become available, adding more evidence to the already convincing story.

Read about the successful Portuguese children of Martin Lem and how they settled in the New World!