Master The Rubik's Cube


Learn the secrets to unlocking the Rubik's Cube.

The Rubik's Cube -  an iconic puzzle that's captivated millions of people around the world for decades. But despite its popularity, only a small proportion of people who use the Rubik's Cube actually know how to solve it! 

The Rubik's Cube may look challenging but once you learn how to unlock its twisty secrets, cubing is a fun and enjoyable hobby - either on your own or shared with others.

BINKS Cubes offers online one-to-one cubing lessons to teach solving the Rubik's Cube in a structured and fun way. Whether you just want to learn the basics, expand your cubing knowledge and experience, or pick it up again after some time off, learning the Rubik's Cube has never been more easy and fun with BINKS Cubes!  

I am a young but experienced cuber, and I want to share my love of cubing with others. My series of one-on-one online lessons will expand your cubing knowledge to build confidence, skill and get you closer to your Rubik's Cube goal whatever it may be.

With BINKS Cubes, learning the Rubik's cube will be extremely rewarding and WAY easier than you probably expect. Surprise yourself. Amaze yourself. Join me in the world of cubing. 

Intro Video To BINKS Cubes

Meet me (Ben) in this short introductory video. Learn about me, BINKS Cubes and what I have to offer.  

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What Lessons Does BINKS Cubes Offer?

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What is BINKS Cubes?

BINKS Cubes is a Rubik's cube tutoring service that helps anyone master the cube through one-on-one 60 minute online lessons. From beginner cubing techniques to advanced solving strategies ,and even to the extraordinary feat of solving a Rubik's cube blindfolded, BINKS Cubes covers it all. With a diverse selection of 14 unique online lessons available, the journey to mastering the cube has never been more accessible and straightforward.

How does online Rubik's cube tutoring work?

Online lessons at BINKS Cubes involve one-on-one sessions with an experienced cuber (Ben) through Google Meet video calls. You'll get sent a confirmation email right after you book a lesson and a reminder email 24 hours before your lesson starts. When it's time for your booked lesson, go to the reminder or confirmation email and click on the Google Meet link provided for you to join the video call. Enjoy your lesson!

Why not just go on YouTube and try to learn cubing for free?

That's a good question and something many consider, but there are plenty of reasons why live online tutoring is superior. With live tutoring, you get personalised feedback to learn quickly, get a sense of social connection with others, and learning that is adapted to your needs. Choosing to learn with live online tutoring guarantees a more effective and rewarding cubing experience.

Why should I learn the Rubik's cube? What are the benefits?

Learning the twists and turns of the Rubik's cube is a very rewarding experience that offers many benefits. Solving the iconic puzzle enhances brain-hand-eye coordination and improves your reflexes. As you navigate your way through your cubing journey, you'll develop better patience, perseverance and an ability to think strategically. But one of the best benefits is the overwhelming sense of achievement once you solve the cube for the first time. Why not give it a go? Sign up for BINKS Cubes today to begin your cubing journey.

Does BINKS Cubes offer personal one-on-one lessons?

Yes it does, with myself (Ben). Personal one-on-one lessons makes learning faster and more productive than using just videos or with a group which is why BINKS Cubes teaches all lessons with personal one-on-one tutoring.