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There are a wide variety of binary today brokers to choose from, the key is finding one which is trustworthy and dependable. There are several things that should be considered when a new trader is searching for a broker to use. Although most of them have the same basic features the terms of features such as payouts or bonuses can change drastically from broker to broker. It is best to make a careful, thoughtful approach to choosing a broker and never take the first one you come across. It’s best to look at several and narrow it down to the best three. From these three you can determine which has the best sign up bonus and payout features before signing up. Here are the main things you will want to look at when choosing a broker.

Choices of Assets

This may not be too important when you are first starting out, but later on after you get the swing of things you will most likely want to diversify. To do that you will want to have plenty of choices. A reputable broker will offer commodities, currencies and indices/stocks. And inside each of these classes there should be several choices to. Added up you should want a broker to have more than 50 different asset options.

Payouts and Withdrawals

How a broker handles payouts is a very important feature. The average is somewhere between 71 and 81% on successful trades. The lowest we have seen is 50% return on a successful trade. Some brokers offer refunds on unsuccessful trades too, but not all of them offer this. Those who offer refunds on unsuccessful trades usually return about 10 to 15%. This is more of an incentive to keep traders coming back. How a broker handles withdrawals is a very important consideration to make and one which does not have adequate withdrawal options is not to be trusted. The most reputable binary today brokers have several convenient ways to withdraw your money. It is very important to look at how each broker’s withdrawal process works.


This is not one of the most important things to consider, but it is definitely worth a deeper look; and it could be the difference in which broker you end up going with. There are several brokers which offer bonuses when a trader makes that initial deposit. Some of them offer as much as a 50% bonus on the first deposit. It’s important to read the terms and conditions provided by each broker.

Types of Tools

Reputable brokers will have tools available for traders. They should at the bare minimum have daily and weekly analysis on the site. Most of the reputable brokers have many different tools and some of them have hourly analysis. Many of the brokers offer a wide variety of charts and other analytical tools to help traders make educated predictions and successful trades. And all of them should offer novice brokers a free demo account which allows the trader to get some practice in before trading on the actual market.

Support Services

Many brokers have user friendly platforms and site navigation and most really do not anticipate a lot of problems. However, in the event that some sort of situation does arise it is good to know that a knowledgeable staff member is available to help. It is imperative that a trader be able to get in touch with support personnel should you make a hasty trade and realize it was not your intention. The market will not stop to wait for you to make a correction, but support staff should be available to help you. The honest brokers will have support personnel that is available to help and there should be several ways to get in touch with them should a question arise.

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