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We show up at community events with our advocacy team and our maps.

We lobby local transportation officials. They all know us and we know them. We insist pedestrians and bicyclists are included in all roadway improvements. That is what we are about. Please join our efforts.

There is no membership. No board. No budget. Other groups do that stuff. We do what we know how to do, that is advocate for better conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians in Greensboro NC and the surrounding area.

Keep in touch with our google group.

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Annual Report 2017

Bikesboro members attended and gave public testimony on a regular basis at the monthly GUAMPO Technical Advisory Committee meetings, a government body that decides on regional transportation project funding, as well as many City Council meetings, for changes in policy on bikeways, crosswalk treatments, and funding priorities. Bikesboro members also participated at every quarterly GUAMPO/GDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee (BiPed) meeting, developing constructive and friendly relationships with city and MPO staff planners and engineers. Our advocacy was successful in adding over 15 miles of new city bike lanes. Bikesboro is especially proud that in July, through various city bike shops, we got over 120 area bicyclists to sign a petition demanding 1.5 miles of new bike lanes on Hill Street in central Greensboro, which was successful in getting GDOT to add the lanes on a street that they were not planning to do.

As part of our bicycle facility advocacy, on February 17th Bikesboro met with Daniel Amstutz of GDOT to ride a bike tour of a City Council funded and approved 2016 Participatory Budgeting bikeway in the Fisher Park and A&T area. In March, Bikesboro advocated at a GUAMPO public open house for long-term bike improvements and sent a letter in critique of the MPO, asking for voting seats on the TCC and TAC bodies, as well as a city transportation advisory board. Bikesboro members participated in the May 5th Open Streets event. They also conducted a "Celebrating the Bike Lanes" public event ride on Friday May 19th, with an 8-mile loop on new city facilities, as part of the official National Bike Week celebrations in Greensboro. On April 5th, Bikesboro's David Hampsten helped represent Greensboro at the annual all-day NCBikeWalk legislative rally in Raleigh NC. He also participated in the 2017 Greensboro Participatory Budgeting process, eventually sponsoring a bike rack installation project with GDOT. On June 6th, City Council appointed Bikesboro member David Hampsten to a 3-year membership on the Greensboro Transit Authority Board, for District 3, through August 2020. Also in June, Bikesboro members Sheldon Herman and David Hampsten met with the executives of LimeBike Inc bike share, and convinced them to hire Matt Phillips as their local bike program manager. In the fall, Bikesboro members participated at various public meetings related to the Downtown Greenway and A&Y Trail projects.

In August, Bikesboro members, with UNCG Professor Mark Schulz, began a project to help transform Gate City Boulevard into a bike- and pedestrian-friendly corridor, by presenting a poster to faculty and students at the August 16th Welcome Back event. Several UNCG students, faculty, and staff, along with several community members, have since participated in various project meetings. Bikesboro has also applied for the UNCG Eco Fund grants for the project. In addition, David toured new bike facilities in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Eugene, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago, while Sheldon toured new facilities in Michigan.

Bikesboro actively encourages all community members to advocate for more improvements for bicycling, walking, and transit, including by participating in our events, subscribing to our email blasts, and even by donations to our program, both of old bikes and with old money. Thanks!

Bikesboro has established good ongoing working relationships with:

  • Church World Service
  • Every Campus a Refuge at Guildford College
  • Summit Rotary Club
  • Action Greensboro
  • Greensboro Parks & Recreation Warnersville Community Center
  • UNCG Department of Geography
  • Lindley Park Neighborhood Assoc.
  • LimeBike Inc. bike share
  • Local developer Andy Zimmerman
  • The Forge maker space
  • The Interactive Resource Center (IRC)
  • Downtown Greensboro Inc (DGI)
  • Greensboro Police Department,
  • Greensboro Department of Transportation (GDOT)
  • Greensboro Transit Authority (GTA)
  • Greensboro Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (GUAMPO)
  • Fat Tire Society Greensboro
  • Cycles de Oro bike shop
  • Performance Bicycles,
  • Trek Bicycles of Greensboro
  • REI Greensboro
  • Deep Roots food co-op.

2017 Bikesboro Highlights:

  • Organization formed
  • Over 200 bicycles rehabilitated for immigrants and refugees
  • Members organized 1 public event & helped organize another
  • Members were in 6 public events as official participants
  • Members attended and testified at 20 public meetings
  • Members successfully petitioned for bike lanes on Hill Street
  • Members successfully got the city to add 15 miles of new bike lanes on
    • 16th Street, Summit to Cone
    • Friendly Avenue, Dolly Madison to Westridge
    • Market Street, Eugene to Church
    • East Cornwallis Street, Church to Yancyville
    • Walker Avenue, Aycock to Wendover
    • East Bessemer Street, English to Burlington
    • Spring Garden Street, Masonic to Holden
    • Pinecroft Road, Vandalia to Holden
    • English Street, Market to Gate City
    • Creek Ridge Road, Randleman to Elm-Eugene
  • 1 Member got a 3-year seat on the GTA Board

2017 Bikesboro Annual Report

2017 has been a busy year for Bikesboro, especially for members Sheldon Herman and David Hampsten. In January, Bikesboro was organized by Sheldon Herman, David Hampsten, Michelle Salinas, Gary Upham, and Matt Kelly, including creating a common identity, purpose, and this website. We also held monthly meetings at Deep Roots. With the apparent incapacity of Bicycling In Greensboro (BIG), which we hope is temporary, Bikesboro members have found themselves participating in projects and events that BIG members would normally be at, but are not.

Bikesboro members have worked with local bike shops, specifically with Cycles D'Oro, Trek, and REI, as well as donated bikes given to Bicycling In Greensboro, UNCG, the Lindley Park Neighborhood Association, and the Summit Rotary Club, in the community service of removing unwanted bikes and rehabbing them for needy users in the community. We especially thank Church World Service, Every Campus a Refuge at Guildford College, and Summit Rotary for their logistical help and on finding clients. Bikesboro provided 200 donated and repaired bicycles for various community service organizations in Greensboro, especially for immigrants, refugees, and low-income individuals and children, including 30 bikes for the Sunday May 7th 2017 Wheels on Greenway event sponsored by Action Greensboro, the Summit Rotary Club and the Warnersville Community Center. We also have maintained and expanded our relationships with our parts suppliers, meeting with J&B Importers in Raleigh NC on February 26th and various manufacturers at the Cyclofest event in Charlotte NC on October 19th.