A Community Bike Shop . Advocacy and

Community Service.



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This is the place. It is behind the Lotus Center. The rent is cheap and we like it here. A place to work on your bike. A place to talk about bikes. A place to try out some bikes , a lot of the bikes you might try here we don't sell so you will have to go to other shops to buy one. We do not sell Trek nor Specialized,but there are great shops nearby that do sell them.

Practical transportation.



Whats this ? A bike shop that does not sell bikes? We do occasionally sell a bike or 2. But the real purpose of Bikewalla bike shop is to collect and rehab bikes to give to newly arriving residents from other countries bicycles for transportation. We distribute the bikes thru Church World Service, an agency that helps settle new Refugees arriving in Greensboro.If you have bikes to donate we will accept them and rehab them to be giving for free to clients of Church World Service.