Who is Big Mama? 

Once upon a time, right here in Manning, South Carolina, there was a sweet couple called Big Mama and Big Daddy. They were retired preachers who spent their golden years in this cozy lakeside cottage we now call our own. When little JamieSue came to visit, their warm Southern hospitality always shone through. They welcomed her into their beautiful garden, full of fruit trees, and invited her to enjoy all the corn her little hands could shuck.

Their love and care for this special place laid the foundation for the rich history that followed. As the years passed, several owners added their own personal touches to the cottage, making it even more charming and unique. This little haven has been filled with the laughter of grandchildren and cherished memories of good ol' friends.

Today, Big Mama's Lakeside Cottage is owned by JamieSue and Hugh. The house is steeped in its beloved past. When you step through its doors, you'll find yourself in a home that has been truly adored, where memories have been made and lives have been touched. As our guest, we invite you to become a part of this heartwarming story and make your own precious memories within these walls. Let's keep the love and care for this treasured haven alive for generations to come. Welcome to Big Mama's Lakeside Cottage, where you'll find a home that's been loved and a love that feels like home.