About BDV

Big Daddy Voodoo started out as a roller derby announcer, but found himself in demand for his geeky enthusiasm, ability to successfully connect with audiences, and his wry sense of humor as an emcee and event host. He can be found at every home game of the Little City, Blue Ridge, and Smoky Mountain Roller Girls; and is often on the road traveling the country as a hired announcing gun talking roller derby for other leagues.

Over the last 10 years, In addition to roller derby, he has professionally announced a wide variety of events such as: WFTDA Division Playoffs three times both house and broadcast; The Addy Awards; Pie Wars Local Pizzeria Competition; BaconFest; Young Professionals recruitment dance; Thrill-the-World; Maker Faire, and, of course, conventions! He is the voice of Power 945 (con radio), and announces everything from Monster Truck races to the Street Fights for Bristol Dragway/Motor Speedway.

A con attendee since 1998, he has worked TechOps for DragonCon, produced videos for DragonCon TV, and been a regular at cons all across the Mid Atlantic!

When he is not writing, performing, or plotting, BDV produces “The Secrets Society.” an oddity variety show and adventures with his dog and best friends through space and time.

Techno Bohemia is his creative brand, originally created as an online artistic community, it represents his love of fresh expressions of anachronistic ideas.