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After over 17 years of writing, I am beginning to think that I still haven't really scratched the surface when it comes to home finance, personal financial issues and investing from a consumer's perspective.

Will I keep going? I am not sure, it seems most bloggers stop suddenly and just disappear, usually caused by the pressures of life or just disinterest. I am hoping to keep going for a while longer.

To help celebrate posting number 1000, here is a "Best of" list from me to my readers:

Personal Financial and Planning


As most of you know I have kids and I write about their effects (affects?) on my financial life.

    1. Real World Example: Kids Allowances Where I outline a system to ensure kids get their allowances on time. My kids were pretty mad at me until I implemented this system, and as a bonus, I am still watching them (financially).

    2. Kippers Not just a salted fish eaten for breakfast in the U.K.

    3. Hidden School Costs Not just for universities are there hidden costs in education, public schools rake a lot of money off parents too.



In personal finances sometimes a lot can be learned in parable format.


I enjoy a good laugh, mostly at my own expense and here are some of my favorite personal finance posts with a humorous angle.

Carnivals I have Hosted

I occasionally host new carnivals with interesting results:

  1. Carnival of Finanical Planning #94

    1. That one I just hosted, but still an interesting read.