About Us

We are a community based archaeology group formed following a community dig on Bidston Hill in 2010.

Our enthusiastic members range from early teens to seventies and from qualified archaeologists to beginners. People at the start of their archaeological experience are given basic training and are encouraged to join courses to learn more. While digging, members are mentored at all times.

The earliest archaeological evidence recovered so far on our Bidston site are pottery sherds dated to the 17th Century, and a piece of worked flint indicating potential prehistoric activity. We have also worked on the excavation of a nationally important Mesolithic hunter gatherer site at Lunt that early dating evidence places at around 5,800BC. Recently some members worked on an early to late Roman period villa site in Croatia.

What we do

Engage in research and fieldwork both at our permanent site at Bidston and other sites in the North-West and occasionally further afield.

Give practical instruction in field archaeology, archive research and recording materials.

Actively encourage community involvement in archaeology.

Work in partnership with Museums of Liverpool and its fieldwork unit.

Liaise with University of Liverpool archaeologists.

Visit archaeological sites.

Several of our members are studying for the Archaeology certificate, diploma or degree.

Most importantly we enjoy ourselves and share a passion for history, archaeology and fun.